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About Sun Engineering

Aiming to Be a Total Engineering Service Company for Production Equipment Focusing on Carry out, Delivery, Setup and Installation of Heavy Goods

As Professional Heavy Goods Transportation

Providing total transport services for any heavy goods

We provide complete, one-stop transport services, from disassembly and assembly of machines, commissioning and adjustment, to maintenance after installation, centering on the carry-in, delivery, setup and installation of heavy goods. We help customers to reduce business burdens and costs through these services.

In our business, experienced professional engineers carry-out premium work for customers by utilizing vehicles, equipment, dedicated machinery and tools which cater to the customer’s requests, the conditions of heavy goods and machine characteristics while thoroughly ensuring safety and compliance.

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Utilizing Overseas Networks

Providing Services Similar to Domestic Service for the Entire ASEAN Region by Establishing Thailand as a Base

We have provided overseas transport for heavy goods since our foundation. Based on our abundant knowledge, experience and achievements, we provide one-stop services to customers similar to domestic service.

We provide total services, from complicated procedures for overseas transport to carry-out, delivery, setup, installation, maintenance and commissioning on-site and help customers make the best use of business opportunities through these services.

We established Siam Sun Engineering Co., Ltd., our wholly-owned local subsidiary in Chonburi, Thailand, in 2014. A system is in place to complete all services on-site, including maintenance services, such as overhaul and repainting. Currently, we provide transport service to Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia using Thailand as a base.

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Utilizing Our Abundant Knowledge and Experience

Providing maintenance service to improve the equipment operation rate

In order to support the improvement of the customer’s operation rate for their equipment and machines, our professional engineers that are knowledgeable about the large machines of respective manufacturers provide total maintenance services from disassembly and part replacement to repairs, assembly and commissioning.

By utilizing our know-how of the contracted production service of equipment and machines, we also cater to the needs of overhaul including parts processing and painting.

In Siam Sun Engineering, our Thai subsidiary, maintenance can only be completed within our company in the presence of the machine manufacturer’s SV : Supervisor (construction managing engineer).

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Utilizing Design and Production Capabilities

Providing contracted production service for equipment and machines that caters to the customer’s needs

We provide contracted service to produce products for domestic major machine manufacturers in a plant that has large machines that require high output, cranes, painting booths and other equipment. We also provide the contracted custom-made design and production services for equipment and machinery sought by customers in the manufacturing industry.

For machine manufacturer’s products, we have a quality detailed process for each part by taking advantage of our experience and accumulated know-how. To this end we focus on the concepts of product development and the production site to be used, while faithfully following the supplied drawings.

For custom-made manufacturing, we also have experience in utilizing overhead travelling cranes with 100t lifting capabilities and mounting on trucks. High quality details are well received by customers.

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Making Customers Feel Secure to Entrust Works

Certified for international quality standards, environmental measures and information control

We are certified for ISO 9001, international quality management standards, to implement strict quality control.

Large machines are often customized to fit the production site. Thus we take all possible measures to ensure quality, for example, by calculating strength individually.

We are also certified for ISO 14001, and strive for continuous improvement. For instance, we identify the environmental impact of paint thinner and take environmentally friendly actions as much as possible.

Moreover we achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is information security certification and ensure the secure control of drawings supplied by customers.

Ensuring compliance with the laws including three acts on road traffic thoroughly

With the revision of the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act, if truck transportation companies violate the Act, such as by overloading, corrective measures will be recommended to shippers. While people and society strongly criticize corporate social responsibility, there are more than a few companies that are not fully aware of compliance in the transportation industry, which comprises many small- and medium-sized companies.

We are proud of and fully recognize our responsibility for executing the work to support the sites of manufacturing, which is regarded as Japan's strengths. We endeavor to provide services by complying with "japanese three-acts" on road traffic and other related laws and regulations.

Related Laws and Regulations in Japan
Classification Acts
Three acts on road traffic Road Act
Road Transport Vehicle Act
Road Traffic Act
1. Pollution, energy, use of land Noise Regulation Act
Purification Tank Act
Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act
Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles (Off-road Act)
2. Recycling and waste Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act
Act on the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources
Act on Recycling of Specified kinds of Home Appliances
3. Other Act on Recycling, etc. of End-of-Life Vehicles
Act Concerning Special Measures for Total Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter from Automobiles in Specified Areas (NOx, PM Act)
Fire Service Act
Industrial Safety and Health Act
Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access
Copyright Act
Unfair Competition Prevention Act
Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons

Focusing on the development of human resources with workplace skills

To provide our heavy goods transport service safely and smoothly, skilled techniques are required, including the positioning of a crane that is appropriate for heavy goods (a turning range, unloading position and suchlike), selection of wires and slinging techniques to identify the center of gravity, and so on.

To accumulate and pass down this special knowledge, we strive to share the latest information, technologies and know-how about machines through training.

Qualified People

List of qualifications Number of people
Slinging 55
Forklift 51
Large vehicles 28
Large special vehicles 12
Traction 9
Medium-size cars 3
Floor-operated cranes 29
Small sized mobile cranes 13
Crane operators 9
Mobile cranes 8
Arc welding 21
Gas welding 22
Argon gas arc welding 1
High lift work vehicles 16
List of qualifications Number of people
Operation chief of scaffolding 2
Small vehicle type construction machines 2
Hazardous Materials Engineers Class B Group 4 4
Hazardous Materials Engineers Class B and C Group 1246 2
Class-2 operation chief of oxygen deficient danger 2
Training on organic solvents and occupational health 3
Operation chief of organic solvents 3
Class B machine technicians 2
Power press inspectors 1
Toyota high-place work 25
Toyota electric shock 25
Toyota foreman 7
Class-1 health officers 2
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