Total Transport Service

We provide total transport services for any heavy goods.

Providing One-Stop Services for Carry out, Delivery, Setup and Installation of Any Heavy Goods

Our best feature is our ability to independently provide comprehensive support for carry-out, delivery, setup and installation of any heavy goods, including the work before and after the service.

We provide all services efficiently, ranging from temporary storage, which is required for transport of heavy goods, disassembly and assembly of machines, to commissioning and adjustment, and even maintenance after installation. We will help customers to significantly reduce their business burdens and costs through these services.

Hardware and Software to Support Delivery of Super Heavy Goods

A rich lineup of vehicles and equipment

In the heavy goods transport industry, where it is believed that the greatest also serves the least, we have a rich lineup of vehicles, equipment, dedicated machinery and materials, and tools which are necessary and sufficient for carry out, delivery, setup and installation, such as short boom cranes which lift 60t, and 50t overhead travelling cranes in our warehouse.

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Experience and know-how of professional engineers

Most heavy goods such as large machines have specifications that cater to a production site. Even in the case of precision machines of the same model, there are tricks for handling them at the time of delivery depending on their specifications.

We have many experienced professional engineers that carry out the work safely, efficiently, and quickly using the best method to meet customer’s requests and the conditions for heavy goods while thoroughly ensuring compliance, and providing a wide range of services including carry out, delivery, setup and installation.

Our professional engineers are knowledgeable about many manufacturer’s machines, and strive to improve their know-how concerning information and services of the latest machines through training.

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