Aiming for a Total Engineering Service Company for
Production Equipment Focusing on the Delivery and
Installation of Heavy Goods

In addition to the delivery, installation, and maintenance of production equipment,
we provide equipment design and production service. We will cater to your needs at production
sites from the engineering perspective.

Launching a contracted design and production business for industrial machines

Contracted Production to Cater to
Your Needs from Design to Processing and
Assembly to Painting

We will meet the engineering needs of the production sites,
including mounting of overhead travelling cranes and trucks.

New plant operating in Thailand

Providing Total
Support for Introducing
Japanese Manufacturing
to Overseas Markets

We provide Japanese-quality service in local areas,
from moving to Thailand and ASEAN countries to
commissioning and maintenance.

Serious Concerns about
Moving Heavy Goods.
Count on Us to Solve Them.

We provide a moving service that no other
companies can offer, because we address
diverse onsite issues.


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August 30, 2018
We launched the redesigned website.(English)
Thank you for visiting our website.
Taking advantage of the opportunity of the website's redesign, we organized the service lineup, and tried to improve the information, such as adding service cases. We will continue to create a more user-friendly site. We ask for your continued support.
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