Contracted Production Service

We provide our contracted service to produce products for machine manufacturers based on our extensive experience, know-how and strict quality control systems.

Generating Higher Quality than the Drawings in the Process

We provide our contracted service to produce products for domestic major machine manufacturers in the plant, which has large machines which require high output, cranes, painting booths and other equipment.

For production, we generate quality throughout this process in detail for each one of parts by taking advantage of our experience and know-how accumulated through the production of machines for various manufacturers. To this end we focus on the concepts of product development and the production site to be used, while faithfully observing the supplied drawings and ensuring precision.

Establishing Strict Quality Control, Environmental Measures, and Information Control Systems

We are certified for ISO 9001, international quality management standards, to implement strict quality control.

Large machines are often customized to fit the production site. Thus we take all possible measures to ensure quality, for example, by calculating strength individually.

We are also certified for ISO 14001, and strive for continuous improvement. For instance, we identify the environmental impact of paint thinner, and take environmentally friendly actions as much as possible.

Moreover we achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is information security certification, and ensure the secure control of drawings supplied by customers.

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