Maintenance Service

We support improvements to the operation rate of the customer's equipment and machines through our overhaul service, including painting, processing and maintenance at the overseas site.

Responding to Various Needs such as Painting and Repair

In order to support improvement to the operation rate of the customer's equipment and machines, our professional engineers that are knowledgeable about large machines of respective manufacturers provide total maintenance services from disassembly and parts replacement to repairs, assembly and commissioning.

We also cater to the needs for overhaul including parts processing and painting by utilizing our know-how of the contracted production service of equipment and machines.

Catering to the Needs of Maintenance Overseas

If manufacturers do not have bases on-site to provide maintenance of machines in an overseas plant, they will need to return them to Japan to do the work. In order to resolve this trouble, and respond to the needs more easily, Siam Sun Engineering, our Thai subsidiary, introduced equipment for painting, processing, and even commissioning. Maintenance can be completed within our company in the presence of the manufacturer's SV : Supervisor (construction managing engineer).

We also launched support in ASEAN countries through our Thai base.

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