New Unit Transport and Setup Service

We deliver the passion and strength of the manufacturer’s products to the manufacturing site.

Providing Support for New Unit Delivery by Utilizing Skilled Techniques

We provide contracted carry out, delivery, setup and installation of new units for domestic major machine manufacturers.

For carry out, delivery, setup and installation, we share the passion and strength of machine manufacturers for their products, and we apply a variety of techniques so that the machines will have top-level performance at the installation site.

For example, with regard to loading, unloading, reverse work, laying and lifting work, techniques are required to operate a large crane skillfully while being aware of the heavy weight characteristics of machines and important parts. Our professional engineers possess the accumulated experience and know-how to carry out, deliver, set up and install products safely and smoothly, including positioning the crane, which is appropriate for heavy goods (a turning range, unloading position and suchlike), selection of wires, and slinging techniques to identify the center of gravity, and so on.

Thoroughly Ensuring Compliance

People and society harshly view corporate scandals every year. In 2016 operation notification about shipper recommendations was revised in the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act. If truck transportation companies violate the Act, such as by overloading, corrective measures will be recommended to shippers. In the meantime, there are more than a few companies that are not fully aware of compliance in the transportation industry, which comprises many small- and medium-sized companies.

We are proud of and fully recognize our responsibility to deliver new products from major machine manufacturers to manufacturing sites, which is regarded as Japan’s strengths. We endeavor to provide services by complying with three acts on road traffic, and other related laws and regulations.

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